Halloween decor

J:  I have never been much of a Halloween Decor person.  Not sure why but I guess I have always liked the cutsie or fall Halloween decor but the scary and gory stuff gives me the creeps.  So when a friend asked me for an easy centerpiece idea the following scores big every time!

 O:  That looks easy enough for me to handle!

J:  Just take your average pumpkin, cut off the top part as if you are going to carve it.  Then scoop out a majority of the seeds but not all.  Basically you want to create space for a pot of ivy so depending on the size of your ivy pot is how large you should make your opening.  Then put your pot of ivy inside and add Gerber daisies.

O:  Do you just stick in the daisies into the ivy?

J:  I usually put them in floral tubes filled with some water to make them last longer.  You can then add Gerber daisies or yellow roses, fall leaves or whatever fall color plant you want.  I not only did these for Halloween but also made them again for my Thanksgiving centerpieces!

O:  Sounds like a quick decoration which is just how I like it!  And here are some other really great quick ideas!

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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  • October 5, 2012 by Caroline Zachar

    I am with you Jane. I like the happy ghosts and pumpkins. No need for the bloody, scary decor.Don’t we get enough of that in the news, movies and tv shows. WHo wants to be surrounded by all that? Lovely floral arrangements. Love the candy jars too.

  • October 15, 2012 by jane

    Thanks Caroline! Glad you enjoyed it!